Volume 43, No 1, 2021, Pages 159-166

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Algorithm for Tribokinetic Modeling Tests of Triboconjuction Materials for Industrial Products


O.I. Bogdanovych , T.M.A. Al-Quraan ,
V.V. Tokaruk , J.S. Haddad

DOI: 10.24874/ti.977.10.20.02

Received: 2 October 2020
Revised: 24 November 2020
Accepted: 25 February 2021
Published: 15 March 2021


An experimental-calculation procedure for determining the kinetic and energy activation criteria for assessing the wear resistance and compatibility of triboconjunction materials using the kinetic three-stage triboreaction is presented. The developed method for tribo-kinetic tests to determine the kinetic characteristics (order and rate constants) and activation energies for all three stages of the triboreaction was tried experimentally for steels ShKh-15 and 45, aviation fuel RT, aviation hydraulic oil AOH-10 and aviation oil MK-8 added with oleic acid. The conducted tribo-kinetic tests established kinetic and activation energy criteria for assessing the wear resistance of ShKh-15 steel and antiwear properties of RT and AOH-10 lubricants, as well as kinetic criteria for assessing the wear resistance of steel 45 and antiwear properties of MK-8 with oleic acid. Also, using the developed method for tribokinetic tests, the kinetic and activation energies of ShKh-15 in long-term storage aviation fuels “TS-1” and “TS-1*”, kinetic criteria and activation energy for the second stage of the triboreaction, chemical modification ShKh-15 in the medium of "TS-1", as well as the established kinetic and activation energy of the triboreaction, that is, surface destruction, in fact, wear of steel 45 during reciprocating motion.


Friction, Wear resistance, Tribokinetic tests, Kinetic characteristics, Activation energies

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