Volume 39, No 1, 2017, Pages 90-99

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Effect of Lubricating Oil on Tribological behaviour in Pin on Disc Test Rig


H.K. Trivedi*, D.V. Bhatt

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.01.10


A test method has been developed to evaluate the friction and wear behaviour of cylinder liner and piston ring materials for four stroke engine system. Realistic engine oils are used to describe the behaviour of this test method. The friction and wear experiments were performed using pin-on-disc tribo tester. The effect of lubricants and load conditions are important aspects of this test method and are focus of this work. The test uses actual piston ring segments sliding on the disc of grey cast iron used in cylinder liners. A wide range of commercial lubricants including SAE10W30, SAE20W40 and SAE20W50 were used to analyze frictional and wear behaviour. Tests were conducted for constant load at 140 N for 105 min and increment load with the range from 20 N to 140 N for 105 min to evaluate the behaviour of frictional force and wear for cylinder liner and piston ring. Relative amount of wear is directly correlate with the effectiveness of the lubricant due to this wear was measured by weight loss before and after testing. Result shows that viscosity and variation of load plays a vital role to characterize the behaviour of frictional force and wear.


Lubricants, Friction, Wear, Cylinder liner, Piston ring

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