Volume 39, No 1, 2017, Pages 110-119

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Experimental Comparison of the Behavior between Base Oil and Grease Starvation Based on Inlet Film Thickness


D. Kostal*, P. Sperka, I. Krupka, M. Hartl

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.01.12


This paper deals with the experimental study of an elastohydrodynamic contact under conditions of insufficient lubricant supply. Starvation level of this type of the contact may be experimentally determined based on the position of the meniscus, but this way can't determine all levels of starvation. Consequent development in the field of tribology achieved theoretical model that can determine all levels of starvation by dependency on the thickness of the lubricant film entering the contact, but it is difficult for experimental verification. The main goal of this work is an experimental study and description of the behavior of the elastohydrodynamic contact with controlled thickness of the lubricant film at the contact input. Contact was lubricated by the base oil and the grease and compared. Results were surprising because the only differences between oil and grease were observed for more viscous lubricants at thicker film layer entering to the contact.


Starvation, Lubricant film thickness, Contact area, Contact track, Inlet film thickness

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