Volume 39, No 2, 2017, Pages 238–247

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Possibilities of Application of High Pressure Jet Assisted Machining in Hard Turning with Carbide Tools


G. Globočki Lakić*, B. Sredanović, D. Kramar, J. Kopač

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.02.11


High Pressure Jet Assisted Machining (HPJAM) in turning is a hybrid machining method in which a high pressure jet of cooling and lubrication fluid, under high pressure (50 MPa), leads to the zone between the cutting tool edge and workpiece. An experimental study was performed to investigate the capabilities of conventional and high pressure cooling (HPC) in the turning of hard-to-machine materials: hard-chromed and surface hardened steel Ck45 (58 HRc) and hardened bearing steel 100Cr6 (62 HRc). Machining experiments were performed using coated carbide tools and highly cutting speed. Experimental measurements were performed for different input process parameters. The cooling capabilities are compared by monitoring of tool wear, tool life, cooling efficiency, and surface roughness. Connection between the tool wear and surface roughness is established. Experimental research show that the hard turning with carbide cutting tools and HP supply CLF provides numerous advantages from the techno-economic aspect: greater productivity, reduce of temperature in the cutting zone, improved control chip formation, extended tool life, low intensity of tool wear, surface roughness in acceptable limits, significant reduce of production costs related to the CLF.


HPJAM, Hard-to-machine materials, Carbide tool, Tool wear, Surface roughness

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