Volume 39, No 2, 2017, Pages 248–254

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Performance Degradation Analysis of Aviation Hydraulic Piston Pump Based on Mixed Wear Theory


C. Zhang*, S. Wang, M. Tomovic, L. Han

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.02.12


This paper focuses on the mathematical modeling of axial piston pump through dividing the failure development of friction pair into lubrication, mixed lubrication and abrasion. Directing to the wedge-shaped oil film between cylinder block and valve plate, the support force distribution under the temperature variance was obtained. Considering the rough peak of valve plate, the contact load model is built under plastic deformation and elastic deformation and the corresponding wear volume is calculated. Computing the wear and tear along the counter-clockwise, the total amount of friction and wear can be calculated. Simulation and preliminary wear particle monitoring test indicates that proposed modeling and analysis can effectively reflect the real abrasion process of hydraulic piston pump.


Axial piston pump, Mixed wear, Performance degradation, Cylinder block, Valve plate

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