Volume 39, No 3, 2017, Pages 340–348

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Methods and Principles of Determining the Footwear and Floor Tribological Characteristics


D. Stamenković*, M. Banić, M. Nikolić, M. Mijajlović, M. Milošević

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.03.09


There are many standards relating to the anti-slip properties of footwear and flooring. These standards describe the different test methods and procedures for determining the footwear and floor slip resistance in different conditions. In this paper authors systematize the standards in this field applied in the EU and in Serbia and cite the Serbian institutes which are certified for this type of testing. In addition, the authors have carried out an analysis and comparison of the tests that are defined in these standards, indicating their advantages and disadvantages. Importance of the static and kinetic friction testing in determining the anti-slip properties of footwear and flooring is specifically indicated. Considering the current standards in area of slip resistance of the footwear and floor covering authors have determined the testing conditions for laboratory measuring the friction forces of different floor and footwear materials. The laboratory measurement has carried out at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš. The measuring results and their analysis are presented in the paper, as well.


Tribological characteristics, Footwear, Flooring, Experimental methods, Standards

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