Volume 39, No 3, 2017, Pages 364–377

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Assessment of Tribological performance of Coconut Shell Ash Particle Reinforced Al-Si-Fe Composites using Grey-Fuzzy Approach


R.S.S. Raju*, G.S. Rao

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.03.12


The paper investigates optimization of wear behaviour of coconut shell ash (CSA) reinforced aluminium composites using pin-on-disc setup. The experiments were carried out with three process parameters: Load, percentage (%) of CSA and sliding distance. Three adequate responses: wear (µm), wear rate (mm3/m) and coefficient of friction were considered. In this study, a hybrid approach (i.e. Grey-Fuzzy) has been applied to optimizing the several responses. The fuzzy logic concept has been used for handling the uncertainty in the decision-making process. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) discloses that the highest influencing parameter was load, followed by sliding distance and % of CSAp to the overall tribological performance.


Coconut Shell Ash, Mechanical Properties, Metallography, Wear and Wear rate, Coefficient of friction, Grey relational grade, Grey-Fuzzy analysis

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