Volume 39, No 3, 2017, Pages 391–399

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Wear Response of Aluminium 6061 Composite Reinforced with Red Mud at Elevated Temperature


R. Dabral, N. Panwar, R. Dang, R.P. Poonia, A. Chauhan*

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.03.14


The present work is focused on the investigations on dry sliding wear behaviour of aluminium metal matrix composite at room and elevated temperature. Aluminium metal matrix composites reinforced with red mud are prepared by stir casting method. The experiments are planned using Taguchi technique. An orthogonal array, analysis of variance and signal to noise ratio are used to check the influence of wear parameters like temperature, percentage of reinforcement, mesh size, load, sliding distance and sliding speed on dry sliding wear of composites. The optimal testing parameters are found and their values are calculated which are then compared with predicted values. A reasonable agreement is found between predicted and actual values. The model prepared in the present work can be effectively used to predict the specific wear rate of the composites.


Al6061, Elevated Temperature, Wear, Red-Mud, SN ratio, Stir casting

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