Volume 39, No 4, 2017, Pages 547-558

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Filtration Systems Design for Universal Oils in Agricultural Tractors


R. Majdan*, Z. Tkáč, R. Abrahám, K. Kollárová, I. Vitázek, M. Halenár

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.04.14


Three filtration systems using the tractor hydraulic circuit were proposed and verified during the tractors operation. Using the tractor-implement hydraulic system and filter body with accessories the universally useful filtration systems were designed. The designed filtration systems are the second stage of universal oil filtration whereas the first stage is the standard tractor filter. The decrease in the content of iron reached the values 25.53 %, 32.95 % and 41.55 % and the average decrease in oil contamination characterized by average value of decrease in content of iron, copper and silicium reached values 24.3 %, 24.7 % and 35.53 % in dependence on the filtration system and an oil contamination level. The decrease in contamination level verified the ability of designed filtration systems for agricultural tractors.


Lubricating oil properties, Cleanliness level, Spectroscopy, Hydraulic circuit

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