Volume 40, No 2, 2018, Pages 165-182

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A Historical Review of Gas Lubrication: From Reynolds to Active Compensations


L. Lentini*, M. Moradi, F. Colombo

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.02.01


Friction and wear are tribological phenomena that have produced significant economic damage and environmental issues throughout our history. Different kinds of lubricants and coatings have been employed in the attempt of reducing friction losses. Because of their remarkable performance, gas lubricated systems are characterized by almost zero friction and wear. For this reason, they can be utilized in applications where rolling and fluid bearings cannot, e.g., metrology, medical equipment and tool machine. This paper reviews the evolution of gas lubrication through history. The topography of the subject is described from its origins to how it was shaped over the centuries, trying to preserve the logical cause and effect relationship of the events. For the sake of consistency, the review considers only the key past contributions which are strictly related to gas lubrication.


Historical review, Gas lubrication, Aerostatic bearing, Active compensation, Passive compensation

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