Volume 40, No 2, 2018, Pages 195-202

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Dependence of Wear Intensity on Parameters of Tribo Units


Ye. Ventsel, O. Orel, O. Shchukin*, N. Saienko, A. Kravets'

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.02.03


The degree of dispersion of particles of pollution and their amount in the lubricating medium substantially affects the anti-wear properties of the latter. At the same time, if the particle size of the contaminants is 5 microns or less, the anti-wear properties of such a lubricant medium are improved and, consequently, the wear of the friction surfaces decreases. The equation for the wear rate is obtained taking into account the interaction of charged wear particles with friction surfaces. It is shown that on the basis of the obtained equation, the wear rate can be presented as a decreasing function of the coefficient of the lubricant anti-wear properties, which is the ratio of concentrations of finely dispersed to coarsely dispersed particles.


Wear, Particles of pollution, Wear intensity, Tribo unit, Anti-wear properties

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