Volume 40, No 3, 2018, Pages 349-357

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Theoretical Investigation of Transient Ultra-Thin Lubricant Film During Rapid Deceleration


M.F. Abd Al-Samieh*

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.03.02


A theoretical model using Newton-Raphson technique to study the behavior of ultra-thin film thickness formation subjected to transient speed conditions is presented in this paper. The transient oil film pressure and oil film thickness at various snap shots are shown by the numerical simulation. A comparison of the numerical results with experimental work of Glovnea and Spikes has been described and shows a good agreement for the case of rapid halting from a different speed. In the next stage, the formation of a lubricant film thickness in conjunctions of order of few nanometers has been discussed for the case where a polar lubricant is used as an intervening media between two mating molecularly smooth surfaces. The simulation study showed the significant effects of electrostatic force, Van der Waals' and solvation pressure on the lubrication film thickness formation under transient condition.


Ultra-thin films, Transient Elastohydrodynamics Solvation, Van der Waals’ force, Electrostatic

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