Volume 40, No 3, 2018, Pages 410-419

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Simulation of Anti Wear Performance Using a Modified Brugger Test Set Up


J. Sequard-Base*, A. Grafl, U. Cihak-Bayr, F. Franek

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.03.07


Modern hydraulic oils have to fulfill a broad variety of parameters limitations to guarantee a proper system performance throughout a considerable lifetime. A comprehensive test of the liquids nowadays just can be performed by using long term hydraulic pump test set ups, including several different test stages.
One of the most critical parameters in hydraulic pump testing is the pump wear indicating the anti-wear performance of the used oil. In this paper the authors focused on the development of a new testing procedure based on a simple standardized Brugger test aiming to achieve similar wear results as in a Parker Denison T6H20C pump test set up.
The test conditions of a standard Brugger test are changed by taking a brass cylinder, reducing the normal load to 1 kg, increasing the test duration to 300 seconds, providing a well-defined surface roughness by using a 2,500 x grinding paper and perform 4 repetition tests to obtain a statistical more reliable measurement value.
By using the new method it was possible to get a pre selection between pass and fail oils according to the wear properties without the necessity of performing an elaborated pump test.
The preselection of hydraulic oils according to their anti-wear properties offers a huge cost saving potential for hydraulic oil developments.


Hydraulic oils, Pump test, Brugger test, Anti-wear performance, Oil pre selection

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