Volume 40, No 4, 2018, Pages 529-537

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Investigation of Structure and Wear Resistance of Nanocomposite Coating of Chemical Nickel


V. Safonov, S. Shishurin*, P. Gorbushin, S. Chumakova,
A. Kolomeichenko, Y. Kuznetsov, L. Kalashnikova

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.04.02


The investigation results of the structure and wear resistance of composite chemical coatings on the nickel base obtained by means of mutual codeposition with nanodispersed particles of aluminum oxide and potassium polytitanate are presented. The investigations are carried out by scanning electron microscope. It is found, that composite nickel penetrates into the base metal to a depth of about 5 Ám, forming diffusion layer, which provides an increased cohesive strength of the coating with base metal. Composite coating has abundance of inclusions of different size along the whole surface; which are absent in the base coating. Nanodispersed particles penetrate into the coating; accelerate the nickeling process, which provides the increase of the coating wear resistance.


Composite coatings, Chemical coatings, Nickeling, Nanosized materials, Structure, Elemental composition, Morphology, Wear resistance

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