Volume 40, No 4, 2018, Pages 681-691

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The Effect of Friction Behaviour and Wear Protection Ability of Selected Base Lubricants on Tribo-pairs Parameters of Machine Components


S. Kopčanová, M. Kučera, M. Kučera, M. Kučera, V. Kučerová

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2018.40.04.14


The experimental tests of selected tribo-pair in three loading cycles were compared in this paper. Tests were performed with mineral transmission oil and ecological synthetic ester base oil, which were dropping by Gravity Force through the overhead part of measuring head of the laboratory testing device. The influence of factors (load cycle, lubricant) on the bearing shells and shafts was statistically verified by analysis of variance (ANOVA). The relevant differences between average values of each specimens were defined using Duncan`s multiple range test with a p-value of 0.05. Dynamically loaded tribo-pairs showed bigger mass losses and higher friction coefficients compared to the static cycle in conditions of the experiment, regardless of the lubrication method. This effect was even more significant in environment lubricated with mineral oil. Results confirmed that processes of dynamic loading play a significant role in evaluating selected parameters (wear, friction force, friction coefficient) tribological nodes of agricultural, forestry and other industrial machines.


Friction Coefficient, Wear, Tribological Node, Dynamic Loading Process Lubricants, Testing Machine

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