Volume 41, No 1, 2019, Pages 43-49

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Increasing Tribo Unit Wear Resistance with the Ion-Plasma Coating


Ye. Ventsel , D. Glushkova , O. Orel , O. Shchukin* ,
N. Saienko

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2019.41.01.05


The mode and parameters of applying an ion-plasma coating to the surface of the working bodies are established. The thickness of the ion-plasma coating on the surface of the excavating parts is specified. It is found that the samples with the thickness of the ion-plasma coating of 4 Ám have the greatest wear resistance. The metallographic characteristics of the material of the knives with the ion-plasma coating applied to their surface are determined.


Wear, Wear resistance, Ion-plasma coating, Ion bombardment, Abrasive, Antiwear properties

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