Volume 41, No 1, 2019, Pages 50-55

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Improving Efficiency of the Surface Plastic Covering Deformation of Billets from Aluminum Alloys


O. Fanidi* , A.V. Shchedrin , A.A. Kostryukov ,
N.Yu. Chihacheva

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2019.41.01.06


The current work is an experimental study of a new combined technology based on the plastic deformation. The test specimens and the drawplate used in the experiment possess regular microgeometry surfaces and are respectively made of D1T aluminum alloys steel 9XC. In order to implement Grukunov-Kragelskysí basic scientific principle, friction without wear, mineral oil with thickening agent type of Valen will be used. The objective of this paper is to study the power of dynamics, surface layer quality and surface deformation parameters. The research results will be entirely discussed in the last part particularly in the synthesis of an optimal method of machining, as well as the obtaining of a significant effect in the case of preliminary regularization of the roughness of the blank surface, and the reduction of the broaching force by 48 ... 72%. Indeed, The obtained scientifically grounded solutions will contribute in the expansion of the current database regarding the synthesis system of the advanced combined methods.


Surface roughness, Plastic deformation, Combined processing

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