Volume 41, No 2, 2019, Pages 156-165

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Wear Resistance Increase of Samples Tribomating in Oil Composite with Geo Modifier КGМF-1


V. Aulin* , S. Lysenko , O. Lyashuk , A. Hrinkiv ,
D. Velykodnyi , Y. Vovk , D. Holub , A. Chernai

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2019.41.02.02


Increase of wear resistance of different types of tribomating which are functioning in fluid lubrication is possible due to: choosing more expensive and high quality material of samples that is not always sensible; applying some wear resistant coatings on them; selection and formation of complex composition of oil additives. Due to nanomaterials development there is a possibility of efficient use of functional additives such as geo modifiers in tribology. Due to geo modifier-based oil composites use itís not necessary to make any structural changes of machines mated parts though their wear resistance is increased. It requires the conducting of some experimental tribological research. It was found that oil media modified by a geo modifier increase the wear resistance of working surfaces of different types of tribomating. The use of geo modifier КGМF-1 (Katerynivka friction geo modifier -1 (patent of Ukraine №69657)) has been suggested. Lubrication quality of oil compositions based on М-10Г2К (M-10G2K) (motor oil of 10th viscosity grade, of group Г2К (G2K), for the CIS countries the oil grade conforms SAE 30) + КGМF-1 (4.0 - 4.5%) has been studied on a computer modernized four-ball friction testing machine ЧШМ-К1 (CHMK-К1). To evaluate the lubrication quality of the oil composite with the suggested geo modifier and to use the comparative analysis of the obtained results the research was conducted on commercial samples of base oil M-10G2K and oil composites M-10G2K + XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck (2.0 - 2.3%) (agent 2D sliding revitalization factor (RF) 100, revitalizant 1 Stage RF 100, metal conditioner RF 5.5), M-10G2K + cuprum glycerate (3.7 - 4.5%). Some average indices of wear, critical load, and welding load have been found. Samples division into 4 types of mating according to the following characteristic features: mobility, material hardness and friction area has been suggested for more accurate picture of wear resistance changes of samples tribomating which are functioning in base and modified oil. Lower friction torque of different samples couplings in modified oil by geo modifier КGМF-1 in comparison with base oil M-10G2K was recorded while using Friction machine 2070 SMT-1 with add-on module "ring-ring". The samples wear rate in modified oil by geo modifier КGМF-1 in comparison with base oil M-10G2K was studied by method of acoustic signal amplitude measurements directly from the friction zone by a commercially produced instrument of BrŁel & Kjear company.


Tribomating of sample,Geo modifier, Composite oil, Friction torque, Wear resistance, Acoustic emission, Friction area, Oil M-10G2K, Cuprum glycerate, XADO

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