Volume 41, No 2, 2019, Pages 166-171

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Friction Forces at the Wheel's Contact with the Ground in a Turning Vehicle


I. Troyanovskaya* , A. Ulanov , A. Zhakov ,
S. Voinash

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2019.41.02.03


Tangential ground reactions are friction forces in their essence. Problems in the description of the frictional contact of the wheel with the ground arise during the curvilinear motion of a vehicle. There is a force and friction torque during rotational relative slip. The single physical essence of the friction force and the moment of friction determine their mutual interconnection. The authors of the article have developed a new mathematical model of the formation of forces in contact with the ground when a vehicle makes a turn. This model is based on the theory of friction for plane-parallel relative slip. The friction force and the frictional moment are integral functions of the coordinates of the instantaneous center of slip. Changing the limits of integration allowed us to take into account the shape and size of the contact. The introduction of normal pressure into the integral made it possible to take into account any law of its change. The use of different friction coefficients in the longitudinal and transverse directions made it possible to take into account the anisotropic properties of the contact. Variable friction coefficients allowed us to take into account the elastic properties of the wheel and the ground.


Frictional forces, Friction torque, Ground contact, Friction theory, Soil reactions

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