Volume 41, No 3, 2019, Pages 416-425

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Three Body Abrasive Wear Behavior of Glass-Basalt PA66/PTFE Hybrid Composites in Multi pass Condition


B.M. Rudresh* , B.N. Ravikumar , D. Madhu ,
B.V. Lingesh

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2019.41.03.11


The three body abrasive wear (3-BAW) of Glass Basalt hybrid composites is studied. The PA66/PTFE blend(80/20 wt.%), Blend/Short glass fiber(SGF), Blend/Short Basalt fiber(SBF),Blend/10 wt.% SGF/10 wt.% SBF (GB) were the composites selected for the investigation. These composites were fabricated using twin screw extrusion and then subjected to injection molding. The experimentation has been carried out for different load (20 and 30 N) with varying distance through constant velocity (2.5 m/s) as per ASTM G65 method. It is revealed from the experimentation that the fiber filled composites exhibited better abrasion resistance. The hardness of composites, abrasion resistance of fibers and binding energy between the blend associates were found to resist the failure of composites in three body abrasion. Further, the Glass Basalt composites (GB) exhibits good wear resistance because of their excellent Ratner - Lancaster factor (se). It is observed that the high crystallanity of GB hybrid composites has supported the abrasion resistance. The hardness ratio between the rubber wheel and the composites is quite greater than unity. On the other hand, plastic deformation, fiber pull out and agglomeration of sand particles along with wear debris were some of the observations made during morphology of hybrid composites through SEM pictures.


Three body, Abrasion, Glass-Basalt, Hybrid, PA66/PTFE blend

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