Volume 42, No 1, 2020, Pages 81-88

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Tribotechnical Tests of Layered Polymers


S.N. Sharifullin , V.A. Denisov , R.N. Zadorozhny ,
E.Yu. Kudryashova , E.O. Reschikov , A.I. Izikaeva

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2020.42.01.08

Received: 21 July 2019
Revised: 03 October 2019
Accepted: 12 December 2019
Published: 15 March 2020


The article presents the results of comparative accelerated bench tests for production capacity, carrying capacity and wear resistance of materials: CT textile, Rusar and Oxafen textile. These materials are proposed for the manufacture of vacuum pump blades used in animal husbandry complexes for milking machines. From the vacuum pump depends on the performance of the milking machine, its reliability and noise level. In turn, the reliability of the pump is largely determined by the wear resistance of its blades. Therefore, the problem of choosing a lightweight, durable and wear-resistant material for the blades is crucial in their design and production. The study of the wear process under friction is associated with the need to reduce losses caused by the wear process itself. As well as with the development of effective methods for predicting the durability of friction units, ensuring their reliable operation, especially under extreme conditions. Innovative development of materials based on polymer resins with the addition of carbon, glass, fabric and other reinforcing fibers have already found wide application in aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, and electrical engineering. Such materials have high strength and low weight, which explains the interest in their use in the production, strengthening and repair of agricultural machinery parts. The research results presented in the article provide a comparative assessment of layered plastics based on polymeric binders with the addition of reinforcing threads that have unique properties: they have high physical and mechanical properties, are resistant to long-term variable loads, to wear.


Tests, Pump blades, Polymers, Wear resistance, Laminates, Reinforcing fibers

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