Volume 42, No 1, 2020, Pages 159-164

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Improvement of Tribological Properties through the Application of Laser Surface Texturing and Nanolubricants in CNC Equipment Elements


D. Maldonado-Cortés , L. Peńa-Parás , C. Leyva ,
A. Guerrero , A. Garza , D. Quintanilla-Correa ,
J. Coronado-Quintanilla , P. González Aguirre

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2020.42.01.15

Received: 29 November 2019
Revised: 4 January 2020
Accepted: 12 February 2020
Published: 15 March 2020


This investigation shows a solution to improve the problem of premature wear in the screw ball elements of CNC turning lathe. Screw ball element is an essential component for the movement of a lathe operated by computerized numerical control (CNC). Four ball tribotester T-02 was used to find the best anti wear properties on lubricants with Halloysite Nanotubes (HNTs) then, through the use of laser surface texturing (LST) micro cavities with 15 µm of depth were added to the surface of the screw and with the addition of Halloysite Nanotubes (HNTs) in the base lubricant; tribological performance was upgraded. Important achievements were reached: 38 % of increment in wear resistance and reduction in surface finished roughness (Ra) up to 11 % in the CNC machine element (screw ball).


Laser surface texturing, Tribotester, Wear, Screw ball

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