Volume 42, No 3, 2020, Pages 370-381

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Influence of High Permeability Parameter on the Performance of Textured Porous Journal Bearings


N. Sharma , S. Kango

DOI: 10.24874/ti.836.01.20.05

Received: 24 January 2020
Revised: 19 March 2020
Accepted: 22 May 2020
Published: 15 September 2020


The addition of different shapes and sizes of surface textures (rectangular, triangular, square, spherical, elliptical etc.) inside the bearing surface successfully improved its tribological properties for conventional bearings to a great extent as reported by various research groups. The present study involves the incorporation of spherical shaped textures to test the performance of porous journal bearings by taking into account the position of the textures at different eccentricity ratios (0.3 & 0.7). The originality of the work is to investigate the influence of permeability parameter on textured bearing. A finite difference method with central differencing scheme has been adopted for the solution of the governing equations i.e., Reynolds equation and Darcy’s equation. The permeability factor plays a key role in computing the results. It has been observed from the outcomes that the location of the spherical textures and variation of permeability parameter showed significant influence on the bearing performance characteristics. Textures incorporated at the different locations (convergent zone & maximum pressure region) based on eccentricity ratio significantly helps to uplift the performance of the non-porous and porous journal bearings.


Porous, Journal Bearings, Spherical Textures, Permeability, Load Carrying Capacity, Friction Coefficient

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