Volume 42, No 3, 2020, Pages 443-460

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Wear Behaviour of Sansevieria and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy with Nanofillers: Taguchi Method


N. Anjum , B. Suresha , S.L. Ajit Prasad ,
B. Harshavardhan

DOI: 10.24874/ti.861.03.20.06

Received: 24 March 2020
Revised: 30 April 2020
Accepted: 6 June 2020
Published: 15 September 2020


Sliding wear behaviour of combined chemically modified Sansevieria and Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy (TSria/CF-E) and its multi-phase nanocomposite coupons has been carried out by Taguchi design of experiments. A Taguchi L16 orthogonal array and ANOVA were used to examine the consequence of tribo-system parameters on the tribological behaviour of hybrid TSria/CF-E composites filled with nano-CaCO3 and nano-SiC. The specific wear rate was calculated for each experiment for nano-CaCO3 and nano-SiC multi-phase composites. The normal load was found to have the highest significant influence of 42.15 % on the SWR of the nano-CaCO3 composite, whereas in case of the nano-SiC filled composites, the filler loading was found to have the highest significance of 62.34 % on the SWR. The improvement in the wear resistance was attributed to high strength, high hardness, and good dispersion of nano-SiC particles, which can enhance the interfacial bonding of nanofiller and the epoxy matrix. The lowest specific wear rate of composite was 0.06 10-4 mm3/N m. Examination of the worn micrographs of the confirmation experiment shown adhesive and abrasive wear as the prevailing mechanisms.


Carbon fiber, Sansevieria, Nanofillers, TSria/CF-E multiphase composites, Taguchi method, Wear

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