Volume 42, No 4, 2020, Pages 547-555

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Effect of the Normal Load on the Friction and Wear Behaviour of Nickel-based Alloys Ni-Cr-B-Si-C-W


C. Benouali , M.N. Bachir bey , T. Sayah

DOI: 10.24874/ti.832.01.20.09

Received: 20 January 2020
Revised: 6 April 2020
Accepted: 9 September 2020
Published: 15 December 2020


The purpose of this paper is to compare the influence of the normal load on the friction and wear behaviour of nickel-based alloys, which is use communally in the industry. We chose two samples of nickel-based alloys (NI-Cr-B-Si-C-W) elaborated by isostatic compression with a difference in their microstructure composition and quantity of micro constituent. The friction coefficient, the wear loss and the wear rate are evaluated using a tribometer (pin on disc) and a test bench created to reproduce the same industrial environment. Experiments showed that the applied normal load affects differently on the behaviour of the samples. The results conclude that the friction and wear resistance of the alloy do not just depend on the increase of the normal load but also on the distribution, the location and the morphology of the hard compounds formed in the alloys.


Friction, Wear, Normal Load, Nickel, Alloys, Tribometer

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