Volume 43, No 3, 2021, Pages 363-372

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Waste Glass Powder as a Sustainable Abrasive Material for Composite Brake Block


M.H. Palmiyanto , E. Surojo , D. Ariawan ,
F. Imaduddin

DOI: 10.24874/ti.1061.02.21.06

Received: 26 February 2021
Revised: 11 April 2021
Accepted: 30 June 2021
Published: 15 September 2021


In this paper, waste glass powder (GP) is selected as a sustainable abrasive to replace pure silica minerals. XRF analysis to determine the content of glass waste. Composite specimens have volume fraction ratios of 0%, 2%, and 4% GP evaluated with TGA, Pin on Disc friction test, and Hardness Rockwell type R. Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) observe the formation of abrasion and surface wear of the specimen. The results of the X-ray fluorescence (XRF) glass powder waste obtained that the main content of silicon dioxide (SiO2) was 65.58%. Thermogravimetry (TG) showed that the thermal resistance of the composite from the addition of glass powder increased. Glass powder as an abrasive shown that increase the coefficient of friction brake friction materials. The presence of glass powder increases the hardness of the composite, and the coefficient of wear rate of the composite decreases.


Abrasive, Glass powder, Composite friction, Tribology properties, Thermal behaviour

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