Volume 43, No 3, 2021, Pages 434-441

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Running-in Analysis of Transmission Gear


J. Jamari , M.I. Ammarullah , I.Y. Afif , R. Ismail , M. Tauviqirrahman , A.P. Bayuseno

DOI: 10.24874/ti.1092.04.21.08

Received: 14 April 2021
Revised: 2 June 2021
Accepted: 1 August 2021
Published: 15 September 2021


The automotive industry's impact on development and improvement, reliability and lifetime, of components is significant. Automotive market encourages small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enter this market, which is for SMEs a challenge to meet specified product quality. In this study, running-in wear analysis of transmission gears is conducted, which is rarely discussed in literature. Based on this study, one can make rec-ommendations to SMEs to improve their product. Examination tests between an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gear and SMEs gear product have been made. Results showed that mass and chemical compo-sition are same. A clear difference between SMEs and OEM gear was seen from surface roughness and material hardness tests. SMEs gear exhibits a failure mechanism, and OEM gear does not indicate any failure indica-tion during running-in period.


Running-in, Gear, Automotive component, Plastic deformation, Failure analysis

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