Volume 44, No 1, 2022, Pages 54-63

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Experimental Investigation of Textured Inserts on Machining Performance of Al-MMC Using Taguchi Method


Devaraj Sandiri , Ramakrishna Malkapuram ,
Singaravel Balasubramaniyan

DOI: 10.24874/ti.1019.12.20.04

Received: 7 December 2020
Revised: 30 January 2021
Accepted: 15 April 2021
Published: 15 March 2022


Textured inserts coupled with solid lubricant is a good alternative to hydro carbon oil based cutting fluid. In this work, turning process is performed on Aluminium based Metal Matrix Composites (Al-MMC) using different types of textured cutting insert with solid lubrication. Three different types of textured inserts namely micro hole, perpendicular direction and parallel direction textured cutting inserts and Tungsten disulfide (WS2) is used as solid lubricant. Statistical tool such as Taguchi method is used to analyze the experimental results. The following results are noticed that, micro hole textured inserts are given better machining performance than parallel type and perpendicular type pattern textured inserts. The major role of textured inserts with solid lubrication is observed that fracture of WS2, low and stable coefficient of friction during machining. The optimum values are 120 m/min of cutting speed, 0.1 mm/rev of feed rate with micro hole type texture. The result of ANOVA method reveals that the types of texture is the most influencing parameter having value of 40.5% followed by cutting speed and feed rate with 29% and 20% respectively.


Turning process, MMC, Textured inserts, Taguchi, ANOVA

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