Volume 44, No 4, 2022, Pages 641-651

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A Preliminary Investigation of Physicochemical, Rheological and Tribological Properties of Bio-lubricant from Thevetia Peruviana Oil


Nabajit Dev Choudhury , Niharendu Saha

DOI: 10.24874/ti.1342.07.22.10

Received: 29 July 2022
Revised: 3 September 2022
Accepted: 4 October 2022
Published: 15 December 2022


The present work is a comparative evaluation of physicochemical, rheological, thermal, and tribological properties of Thevetia Peruviana oil (TPO) as bio-lubricant. The tribological properties were investigated by a four-ball tribo-tester according to ASTM 4172-94 and ASTM D2783 standard. The corresponding results were compared with sunflower oil, jatropha oil, SAE 20W-40 and ISO VG 46. The acid value, pour point and flash point of TPO were found to be 1.383±0.015 mg KOH, -4±0.231°C and 344±0.04°C respectively. The viscosity index of TPO is 235.59 with viscosities 31.76 mm2/s at 40°C and 7.89 mm2/s at 100°C. The oxidation onset temperature of TPO having a value of 282.20°C is comparable to SAE 20W-40 but higher than that of ISO VG 46. The results obtained from tribological test show that TPO has low coefficient of friction 0.0496±0.001 with wear scar diameter 0.462±0.001 mm. Despite the low pour point temperature, TPO are comparable to commercial lubricants, which prove its suitability as bio-lubricant base-stock based on physicochemical, thermal, tribological properties, and high viscosity index.


Thevetia Peruviana, Bio-lubricant, Four-ball tribo-tester, Physicochemical, Tribological

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Volume 44
Number 4
December 2022

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