Volume 45, No 4, 2023, Pages 618-633

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Analysis and Optimization of Nanolubricated Journal Bearing under Thermoelasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication Considering Cavitation Effect


Basim A. Abass , Saba Y. Ahmed ,
Zainab H. Kadhim

DOI: 10.24874/ti.1441.01.23.04

Received: 24 January 2023
Revised: 13 March 2023
Accepted: 9 April 2023
Published: 15 December 2023


This work deals with the effect of the cavitation and the elastic deformation on the steady-state thermal performance of plain journal bearing using CFD-FSI technique. As a case study, a bearing lubricated with SAE40W oil dispersed with TiO2 nanoparticles was extensively analyzed. The hydrodynamic pressure, oil film temperature, and the other bearing parameters have been calculated. The nanoparticles volume fractions, journal speeds, and eccentricity ratios have been considered. Krieger Dougherty model was implemented with the Vogel- Barus exponential viscosity to include the effects of the oil temperature and TiO2 nanoparticles volume fraction on the lubricant viscosity. The cavitation effect was implemented using Zwart-Gerber-Belamari model. The optimum journal position, the attitude angle, and the load have been obtained using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm. The mathematical model was successfully verified with the pressure and the total deformation published by Dhande with 4% and 2% deviation between the results respectively. The film temperature of the present work was compared to that obtained numerically by Li et al and experimentally by Ferron and Boncompain with 2% maximum deviation between the results. An enhancement in the load-carrying capacity of the bearing with a little growth in oil film temperature were obtained when using TiO2 nano lubricant.


Journal bearing, Nano-lubrication, CFD analysis, Elastic deformatio,n Thermal effect, Cavitation effect, Optimization

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