Volume 46, No 1, 2024, Pages 1-12

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Ni-Cr Based Self Lubricating Composite Performance for High Speed Engineering Application


Vilas K. Matsagar , Uddhav M. Shirsat ,
Prashant B. Kushare

DOI: 10.24874/ti.1469.04.23.06

Received: 6 April 2023
Revised: 11 May 2023
Accepted: 16 June 2023
Published: 15 March 2024


Developed High speed-rotating machinery is used in agriculture for various processes. This machinery runs using the tractor PTO operated at variable speed. Operating systems of machinery were depends on the skill of the driver. Due to jerks during operation and lack of maintenance such machinery gets fails. To increase the life of rotating components, Ni-Cr based self-lubricating composite bearings were developed and used for the actual application. Self-lubricating composite was tested under the different velocities of 3.14, 3.77, 4.71, and 6.28m/s up to a maximum of 8 Hours. The average wear rate of 7.2%MoS2 content composite is less than the other compositions of Ni-Cr-wt% of MoS2 self-lubricating composite. The result of the actual trial shows that the average wear rate of Ni-Cr- 7.2 wt%MoS2 at velocities 3.14m/s,3.77m/s,4.71m/s, and 6.28m/s is 5.74*10-9mm3/Nm, 6.09*10-9mm3/Nm, 6.30*10-9mm3/Nm, and 6.44*10-9mm3/Nm respectively.


Self lubricating composite, High speed, Wear analysis

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Volume 46
Number 1
March 2024

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