Volume 39, No 3, 2017, Pages 329–333

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A Numerical Model for Estimation of Service Life of Tribological Systems of the Piston Engine


K. Gavrilov*, Y. Goritskiy, I. Migal, M. Izzatulloev

DOI: 10.24874/ti.2017.39.03.07


This article describes, develops and applies approach of the interaction of rough surfaces for one of the tasks of simulation of tribological systems of the piston engine. In this paper we described the general approach to building a model of interaction between rough surfaces, leading to the analysis of the Markov process. Given the initial data and the method of calculating the trajectory of movable elements on the lubricating layer, we determined the tribological parameters defining the service life of tribological systems of the piston engine on the example of crankshaft bearings.


Surface asperities interaction, Markov process, Tribological parameters

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